These days, everybody lives in a cloud. It makes all infrastructure easy to use and manage. In companies point of view, one or more kinds of roles had to connect these resources. Now we have a new problem with our cloud. we need to share our cloud information and credentials. Pieces of information are IP address, access protocol, etc. Credentials are depended of your cloud provider but usually, username/password, private keys.

So, open your management interface? is that secure? if you use firewall, is it worth it?

Now, we are in first usage case of PDAccess. PDAccess proxy logic help to you to don’t configure firewall to open your management interface to the internet. you download your PDAccess client in management interface and of you go. you can see all the list of services that allowed to you connect. Don’t need the IP address and relevant information. So is it cool?

Simple SSH session which is made through AWS EC2 instance

How about credentials? when you clint a service, PDAccess creates a connection between and your services seamlessly. It doesn’t ask a password or any other credentials. Thanks, PDAccess, internal vault to don’t share credentials with us but gives permission to use it.

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