Cloud (Aws Azure Google Cloud) Credential Management

Let’s assume you have multi cloud accounts to run your business. Also you want to use your cloud instance to be used by your colleague, consults or other parties. How do you do that?

First option, in AWS for example, you share your keys, passwords, usernames etc. with them. Some case that would help to you. But your instance and your date are critical and you don’t want to take extra risk to some one access them Even your employee’s.

In PDA, you can added multi cloud instance easy with administration portal. Here is a example;

Service Creation Wizard – Service Definition

For first step, we have to define about our service. First we need a name :). And which group will have this service. you can define multi service group. Description is free format area to help you remember your instance detail. (Amazon AWS instance 1, AWS test 1, GPC prod etc.)

Next parts are tricky. Operating system is your instance. We have added well known operating systems to our inventory. We support them. Service type is what is your service management protocol type. Terminal or Database access. Terminal protocol’s are SSH,TELNET, RDP,VNC which are used for controlling your instance. Database access is for your database instances. Currently supported databases are Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL.

Service Creation Wizard – Vault Credientials

The next item in the wizard is the vault section. In here you have to type critical information about your service. Host-IP address, Port Number are network-related parameters. if you don’t fill port number we can add your service type’s default values. (for example; RDP is running port 389 ).

Credential Management, is the hearth of the system. How we can maintain your credentials? for example, if you have on-prem instance, we can change your password periodically.

Authentication type is how to authenticate your service. If you have username/password, you can added here or if you have AWS ssh.pem file you can paste here.

All this information that added is saved to our vault system. So what is vault?

Vault is a sensitive information store which is encrypted and secured with key distribution algorithms.

Finally we added our service in PDA. we can share this service at administration portal. So our users connect this servic using PDA Desktop Client.

PDA Desktop Client which is running at MacOS. Sample AWS2 instance connected