Your IT infrastructure will be more secure

You can manage your service, data access with easy steps.

One Place For Management Access

For all it service will be placed one application. Also We are free to not use password based credential management.

Fast & Undepented

AWS, Azure, Google-Cloud or on-prem. All of together with single application for your workers or partners. Access in seconds..


Share your IT services with do not give your credentials. Access every attempt even apply a policy theme

Secure Connectivity

Provide Secure and proofed connectivity for everyone.

Plugin Based

We can introduce multi adaptor for many authentication senario ( LDAP etc.)

Our Software is based on SaaS or on-prem installation. For on-prem setup, please contact us.



Per User – Per Month

< 5

Central Access Management with Secure Connectivity

Terminal Proxy (SSH, Telnet, RDP, VNC)

Database Proxy (Oracle, Postgresl, MSSQL, Mysql)

Activity Monitor

Desktop Client (Mac, Win, Linux)

Military Grade Vault



Per User – Per Month

< 20

LDAP Authentication

Video Record For Sessions

Time Based Access

Time window Access

Large Enterprise




On-Prem install

Anomaly Detection

Geo Based Access

Automation (Beta)

SAML IdS Provider (Beta)

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We do our best to support most using operating systems and databases
Remote Access

Remote Access

Make System Access Securely

We support SSH, RDP, VNC type connectivity to ensure secure access to your systems.



Data Store Systems

We do support most known database systems in the market. SQL or NoSQL type is also supported.

Credentials Store

Credentials Store

Military Grade Encryption

We use two man hands technic to support max security needs.

Session Record

Session Record

Video Camera for your Data

we can take video and text record for all system activities.

Multi Authentication

Multi Authentication

MFA, 2FA supported

SMS, biometric or QR. it has been used for many authentication schema.



Prevent unwanted activities

inside of SIEM systems, we can prevent activities before happened.

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Welcome to the PDAccess system. PDAccess(Proxy Driven Access) is a cloud access control software. You can manage all access to all kinds of clouds also on-prem clouds. The main propose is easy to use ( Read more…

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